40 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

A good list since it is easy to get off track.


So once again I have fallen off the exercise bandwagon… If I miss a day or two of working out, it’s nearly impossible to get going again. That is why I decided to print out this list of 40 ways to motivate yourself to exercise.

These were such an inspiration. Even when I was feeling at my worst I would read down this list and find something to spark my motivation. The original list is from Sparkpeople.com. Where it suggests one of their routines I look on Pinterest instead. Usually I didn’t even get to #40 because something before that motivated me.

  1. Do it anyway. (This was the most popular answer!)
  2. Tell myself to go for 15 minutes. If I still feel bad or unmotivated, I can quit. I have yet to quit.
  3. Look on Pinterest for motivation! (Check out Pinterest’s Fitness section and follow SparkPeople’s Pinterest boards.)

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About Fit Fat

Hi, I am a fat person who is also somewhat fit. I will be using this blog to track and review various exercise routines. I am not affiliated with anyone. For the most part the workouts that I review will be ones I find on the internet or on Netflix. I am a nontraditional college student at the moment which means that I don’t have much money or time to try out some of the programs that are available. Also, I am not a professional and whatever I say will just be my opinion as someone who is in the overweight category.

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