Pintester Movement: Bananrama

Smiley I am a fan of the Pintester. I happen to think she is very funny and helps people to not being afraid of making mistakes, since she makes so many herself.  She is doing another round of the Pintester Movement.

She wants people try out pins.  Before she just had us pick out random pins and test them.  I tested coffee hair removal (Fail), ice cream bread (pretty good), and pumpkin muffins (hmm, pumpkiny).  This time she wants us to pick out pins she has tried before and try them ourselves.  I picked two easy two ingredient healthy food pins.

I tried banana pancakes.  Which is really a banana omelet, 2013-07-03 11.38.33I don’t know why they insisted on calling it a pancake, maybe to make it seem more appealing (heh).  The 2 ingredients for these are a banana and 2 eggs.  Although, I also added in cinnamon and vanilla.  They were not bad.  The first time I ever ran into a similar mixture was in a cookbook about how to sneak fruits and veggies into your kids foods.  This was used as a mixture for french toast.  I have to say I like it better for french toast then as a stand alone thing.  Still it was ok.

The next one I tried was for 2 ingredient cookies plus mix-ins.  These called for 2 bananas, 1 cup of oatmeal, and whatever else you have on 2013-07-03 11.36.06 - Copyhand.  I added craisins and coconut flakes.  These are actually really good and easy to make.  I liked them better than the banana omelets.  These actually seem more like cookies to me.  They are definitely worth a try, unless you are staying away from carbs in which case go for the banana omelet.

Another pin I have in the past that I got from the Pintester was 1 2013-07-03 13.51.21ingredient ice cream.  Which is really cold smashed bananas.  When I was a kid I always liked getting the frozen chocolate bananas and these remind me of them, just minus the chocolate.  Although, you could always try to make your own chocolate version, maybe using chocolate syrup.  I haven’t made these lately because I don’t have a food processor or blender right now.  They are a nice cold healthy treat for a hot day.

Failure is always an option.

About Fit Fat

Hi, I am a fat person who is also somewhat fit. I will be using this blog to track and review various exercise routines. I am not affiliated with anyone. For the most part the workouts that I review will be ones I find on the internet or on Netflix. I am a nontraditional college student at the moment which means that I don’t have much money or time to try out some of the programs that are available. Also, I am not a professional and whatever I say will just be my opinion as someone who is in the overweight category.

10 responses to “Pintester Movement: Bananrama

  1. Three pins, wow you got me beat. I always seem to have banannas around and making bread seems so daunting but cookies dont’t. Also i am really intrigued about the french toast you mentioned. Maybe a future post if you have the recipe?

  2. Very ambitious to try a handful instead of just one! I wish I had any bananas on hand, I would so try the cookies. My pin was a faaail, haha.

    • I saw your pin but was unable to leave a comment for some reason. I think yours is one of those that just looks better as a picture. I have also overcooked things to death in my slowcooker.

  3. Bananas everywhere! 🙂 Good job trying those out and glad you liked them!

  4. The banana cookies look delicious! Coconut is a good idea, I think I will try this recipe.

  5. Kim

    I like the banana omelet as french toast base idea better than the banana omelet. I’m also jealous of the 3 pins lol, i scrambled to find the time to get ONE in!

  6. I love making those banana cookies. I add some dark chocolate and cranberries to curve cravings instead of eating half a bag of chocolate.

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