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For my first workout review, I picked one randomly that I had pinned a while back but hadn’t tried before.  It is the Ballet Boot Camp: 25 day challenge by Prevention magazine.  Today was day one for me.  I am not really doing the diet part yet.  So I will not blame them if my results are not what they say they can be.  I am just looking at this as an overweight person trying to do their exercises.  As this was the first day doing it I did it without any weights, so that I might be able to get the physical movement down.



I could have used more stretching than the 2 minute marching in place they recommended.  The Carousel Horse and the Athletic First-Position Biceps Curls were challenging and hurt my shins.  I had some trouble getting into the rhythm of the Dancer’s Twist at first, but once I had done several it became easier.  The Triceps Lifts In Crescent Lunge, Oblique Twist, Standing Seat Work were all pretty basic and easy for someone who has had some experience with working out before.  The Swim and Ballet Leg Lifts were very weird to do movement wise.  I am still not sure that I managed to do the Ballet Leg Lifts correctly.  I have done Scissors before but they are always challenging for me.

Afterwards, I was walking weird.  It had strained my legs and back but had opened my hips a bit.  Overall it is a fairly light workout that didn’t take much room or time.

Ballet Dancer - Edgar Degas

Ballet Dancer – Edgar Degas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





About Fit Fat

Hi, I am a fat person who is also somewhat fit. I will be using this blog to track and review various exercise routines. I am not affiliated with anyone. For the most part the workouts that I review will be ones I find on the internet or on Netflix. I am a nontraditional college student at the moment which means that I don’t have much money or time to try out some of the programs that are available. Also, I am not a professional and whatever I say will just be my opinion as someone who is in the overweight category.

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